This site (PAL), was started for the concern of those pets we love beyond words and who may or may not outlive us, and we want to leave our pets we love with a life they deserve or we wish them to have.

It has also come to our attention that their are people out there that are abusing animals or people who think they are caring for animals, when in fact they are not capable or should not have in their possession animals of any kind.

If you know of someone abusing an animal and wish to remain anonymous and want to report this person or persons, then we will do what we can to ensure that someone from animal protection services looks into your concerns, just fill out our “Report An Abuser Form” and we  will do the rest and you have our assurance we will keep your information private and any outcome will be reported on our site here.

LOYALTY, LOVE & DEVOTION for a full life for all animals

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This site is dedicated by free for life for the protection and support for all of our pets we love so dearly.


We are looking for people with programming and web design skills to make sure this website will remain online forever.

We are also looking for a lawyer to help in making a “Will” that will hold up in court for those of us that wish to direct their assess to the care of their pets.

We are also looking for people who are willing to donate their time, to helping taking care of pets after someone has passed, or short term from an owners illness or even incarceration of any kind.

We also need veterinary help for those who can’t afford medical bills due to be on a fixed income or after losing their jobs.

We also need people willing to pay for veterinary bills, or make loans to those willing to repay, once they are on their feet again.

We also need companies willing to donate cat and dog food for pets that are in temporary or permanent care.

We also need people with large properties to help in the care for cats and dogs that need Temporary or permanent care for people who have lost their homes due to fire or loss beyond their control.

We also need support teams in different cities and towns to carry on our goal to support these pets that need our help.

We need storage lockers that can store cat and dog food, that is safe from contamination.

If you need assistance for your pet(s) or for a pet you are caring for and can’t afford to support your pet, then fill out our “Request Help” form so we can arrange whatever we can afford to assist yours or someone else’s pet on your behalf.

This request can be made on behalf of yourself, an agency or concerned citizen.

If you suspect anyone of abusing an animal and you wish to remain anonymous, then just fill out our “Report A Abuser” form below and we will do the rest. Any outcome of abuse will be reported in our News here!

If you have any doubts about how much your pet will miss you then you have to see this true story about a dog’s loyalty and how much this dog missed his master after his passing.

This story will really hit your heart strings and give you an insight into what pets go through when they have lost the ones in their lives that mean life itself.

Google link, Hachi, A dogs tale

What was the final decision that inspired me to start this site?

First of all, we are all sadden to hear of what happened to Cpl Nathan Cirillo and everyone feels for the family and friends of this young man and soldier.

But lets not forget the ones that can only express their loss through their eyes and emotions, his best friends he cared for and loved, his pets.

This picture is what finally did it for me, to do something I always felt was needed to help those alive that are forgotten, yet to feel the lost we have yet to understand or even imagine, the lost our pets feel.

We are sorry to announce that “Blu” passed away July 06, 2016, needing extensive medical attention. We just didn’t raise enough donation, or have the money to help him out.

He is already missed as we got attached to this little fellow.

View more pics here!